Frequently Asked Questions

We leave here some FAQ to easly use our platform

1. What is the amount to pay in virtual currency?

The value is displayed as a percentage of the displayed product. It depends on the promotions placed

2. How do I purchase the product?

In the product presented press buy. The following steps will be indicated. Sends from your wallet the number of coins indicated for the hash displayed. You receive the payment okay and proof that you deliver in the physical location or the code that you must place in the online purchase

3. Am I a merchant, how shall I advertise?

On the home page press publish your business and follow the steps indicated

4. How many vouchers from the same campaign can I purchase?

The voucher number or duration of the campaign is indicated in the promotion.

5. Where do I pay in fiat currency?

To physical or online establishment

6. What does the establishment gain by placing products in the key4buy?

The establishment gains volume, customers and publicity

7. How can the key4win business help?

All members will have the currency disclosed and user friendly beyond the exchange for bitcoins

8. Is the purchase made within the platform in full?

The purchase in nacreous and made in the platform. Receive a voucher and the rest is paid in fiat currency to the establishment or online store

9. What differs in this case from the ets of other currencies?

ETS users can make purchases directly with the currency and purchased services with this partial payment

10. What benefits do users of etros?

Earn more ways to use currency as a means of payment